Friday, October 14, 2011

what is Sheng Chi and Sha chi - Know your feng shui

SHENG CHI -  Sheng Chi energy is the good healthy, prosperous, happy energy. You have Sheng Chi when
you are positive and all good things are flowing your way. You can feel when
there is good Sheng Chi energy in a place. You feel as though you could stay there
forever. It is light and airy.


SHA CHI - When everything in your life is going in the wrong direction or you feel
unhappy and angry, you are in Sha Chi energy. You may be associating with the
wrong people, living in the wrong place or connecting to poison arrows coming
in your direction. This type of energy drains you and causes you to become ill.
Living on land with underground water also causes Sha energy. Poison arrows
are the corners of other buildings pointing at your front door or pointing in your
direction where you work all day.

Friday, October 7, 2011

what is fengshui

what is feng shui 

These days you hear everyone talking about Feng Shui and its ease and effectiveness! People often ask whether Feng shui is the only thing that influences a person's luck. The answer is definite No! But ofcourse feng shui is the easiest way to enhance your personal luck! There is a great philosophy behind this called the trinity of luck. there are three types of luck

1. Heaven luck
2. Earth luck
3. Mankind luck

Heaven luck is the luck that you are born with. i.e. the influence of stars and planets on your destiny of the retribution or reward you receive for the deeds of your past life.This type of luck is very difficult to change.

Mankind luck is the luck that you draw, by really working hard with devotion and dedication i. e. Karma. This is the general assumption that each person would do the best.

Earth luck is the luck that you draw from the places you live and work in. This part of the trinity of luck is the easiest to correct and can be totally turned in your favour.

This is where feng shui comes in.

Feng Shui
3 Legged frog. Money coming in
80 golden ways to good luck fen shui book
Arrowana Fish for career enhancement
Bamboo Flute set. Survive & flourish
Chi lin for illustrious offspring
Chinese coin set. Brings money luck(Set of 2)
Chinese old coin set. It is antique collection
Chinese Welcome Bells. Hang on door handles
Crystal Ball Big. Powerful energy
Crystal Ball Medium. Powerful energy
Crystal Chinese Zodiac Key chain.(A set of three)
Crystal Globe. World on the crystal
Dragon turtle for longevity & determination
Dragon. Energise Yourself
Fuk,luk,sau (Chinese gods) Wealth, Rank & Longevity
Gem Tee (Rose Tree) for wealth luck
Laughing Buddha Set
Mongoose to overcome bad luck
Pagoda for Educational success
Pakua Mirror. It is universe
Phoenix for wish fulfilment
Pure Sandal Incense. Destroys negative energy.
Symbolic feng shui & Amazing crystals feng shui book
Welcome Bells. welcomes the luck
Wish Granting cow for good fortune